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Declaring yourself bankrupt is a huge step with major ramifications both personally and professionally. Before you take such drastic measures, make sure you get considered advice from an experienced insolvency practitioner. Springfields Advisory offers you expert guidance aimed at helping you make your way through personal insolvency proceedings with a minimum of stress. You can speak to a specialist in individual insolvency strategies at one of our offices in Leicester, Derby or London.
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We have considerable experience in relation to Bankruptcy matters having acted in the administration of many such estates. We have the technical expertise to deal with complex cases and regularly act for creditors in recovering assets and unravelling transactions. If you are owed money and are contemplating or have undertaken bankruptcy proceedings, we may be able to add value. Likewise, we are able to advise debtors who find themselves in financial difficulties and are considering bankruptcy as to the consequences and other options available.

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Springfields Advisory can provide you with strategies to deal with even the most complex financial situation. The main alternative to Bankruptcy is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) which is a formal agreement with the creditors. More than 75% of those voting have to vote in favour. Once this is agreed, the creditors are legally bound to accept the terms of the Arrangement - even the non-voters. We normally deal with IVA’s for individuals with a complex financial position and/or where there will be on-going trading. We can undertake IVA’s for individuals with standard consumer credit debts. However, there are a number of high volume IVA providers that offer this service and where appropriate we can refer you to such a organisations. 
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Realising that you may have to declare yourself bankrupt can be incredibly stressful. The licensed insolvency practitioners at Springfields Advisory will help you to manage this difficult time and find a better way forward. We provide confidential advice and free initial face-to-face appointments at our three offices in Leicester, Derby or London.
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